About Us

Established in Rotterdam with the goal of transforming the maritime industry, Beacon52 sits at the heart of the action of Europe’s most important port.

Our team of industry experts has a proven track record in the field of maritime hub solutions. Together with our state of the art system they unburden your operators and provide you with the data and solutions to optimize your business.

Beacon52 guides your company on the path to reaching the digitalization targets as also set out by the European Commission for Europe’s Digital Decade: digital targets for 2030 (#DigitalEU2030).


a light or other visible object serving as a signal, warning, or guide at sea, etc.”

With our system and services we guide the way, help you set your course and light your path while we together make the journey towards your digital future.


52°N is the mouth of the entrance to the Port of Rotterdam, our homeport.